Saturday, August 24, 2013

Guillermo the Golden Trout in Richmond

In October 2012 I wrote about the Richmond Farmer's Market. HERE. The blog opened with this colorful fish sculpture, mounted on the Richmond City Hall next to the market.  At the time I could find no information about the fish or its creator. But last  Friday I returned to the outdoor market in the late afternoon when the vendors were packing up and scored with even better deals than ever. One pound of green beans for a dollar, a few jalapenos thrown in for free, and a beautiful, big watermelon for a buck. Then just past the market on my way home, I pulled over to take a call and saw the parking lot of the Richmond Art Center.

I was hopeful that the art center would have information on the huge, brilliant fish sculpture hanging above and directly behind it, so I parked in their lot and went in. As I walked in the door to the gallery, I spotted a plaque with the whole story clearly written, answering all my questions.

Mystery solved, I continued to check out the Center. A friendly employee wearing an artistic silk-screened tee shirt was working in the gallery. He insisted on showing me around. There was a party going on for the childrens' summer program, and after swerving around the food tables, he showed me  all the spacious studios—workshops for metal work, ceramics, printmaking, weaving, and galleries full of artworks.

Artist in the metal workshop (from Art Center catalog)

One of many striking pieces in the gallery

      Opal Palmer Adisa
      I am Sunshine 2008
      Color Photograph 15X10

In all my trips to the neighboring market, how had I missed this wonderful Richmond resource? Happily, I left with a catalog and vowed to tell everyone about my discovery.

When I got home I looked up Andree Singer Thompson and discovered that she is a Berkeley-based teacher and eco artist specializing in communal and international survival issues. She teaches at Laney College and gives workshops throughout the country. You can see her website HERE

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  1. Thanks for another delightful, informative post. Hopefully Guillermo doesn't end up in the recycling.