Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jenny's Chicks on Kauai

We met Jenny working at Limahuli Garden in Kauai in 2013. She had rescued and befriended a mother hen and her three young chicks. She named them Rocky, Mabel, Snowflake and George, the only male. She would call them and when they came running she'd  feed them and talk to them while they perched on her hands and arms. We enjoyed the spectacle.

When we returned the next year the three chicks had grown magnificently, but they still hung together as a family and they were still bonded to Jenny and would usually come when she called. She was amazed that we remembered her chickens and knew three out of the four names. We took pictures and movies of her with her brood, and as we left we promised to send them to her. Time passed, Hawaii faded and we neglected our promise.
Now another year has passed and I finally figured out that the best way for her to view our pictures and movies would be in a blog.

 So here it is, Jenny. Don't forget to click on the videos if you want to see Rocky, Mabel, George and Snowflake in action.

Jenny feeding George

                             Above we spotted two of Jenny's chickens gathering in Limihuli garden

           Three in the foreground and one in the distance, and here they come in the next video...
            We had not seen them in a year, which explains our exclamations about their size.


                                         Click to see  Jenny playing with all four chickens

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  1. In today's rough-and-tumble world, your insight into some of the tenderness that is the bulk of our unreported lives is a valuable tonic. Jenny and her chickens are full of love and compassion, exactly what we all need more of— and more of you, dear Miss Greenbin.