Monday, June 10, 2013

Farewell Scharffen Berger Store

Sadly, the Scharffen Berger Chocolate store closed it's doors in the Ferry Building on Sunday, June 9th.

Watercolor by Raymond Martinez

The brand will continue, the bars will be available at other locations, but the only Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker store in existence has sold it's last bar of exquisite chocolate. The long-time staff, myself included, who worked in the cozy space for 4, 7, 8 or even 10 years, will scatter, and the local  products that were made for that store, i.e. truffles, the best selling  sea-salt bark, mint and almond bark, chocolate-dipped figs, ginger and orange peel, may disappear forever, along with our famous ultra-thin chocolate chunk cookies and fudgy bittersweet brownies. Some customers have been warned of the closure, but many others will visit with anticipation, only to find another vendor occupying space 14 across from Golden Gate Meat and Acme Bread. Many will be disappointed, having made the trip primarily to indulge in some of the world's finest chocolate and chat with the friendly staff.

The Scharffen Berger shop was among the first to rent space in the renovated Ferry Building when it opened ten years ago in 2003. The reasons for the closure are still unclear. but it's a fact that the store no longer exists. In memoriam, I want to share some photos of my colleagues and myself taken in happier times in our beloved space in the Ferry Building.

Approaching the Ferry Building as we did each workday---a glorious sight!

Main table in front of store featuring variety boxes ribboned by the staff

Full view of the interior space with Jenny hamming it up for the camera
Our store photographed from the corridor by Cy, our manager. 

Allison, Taya, Andrew and Jenny on Halloween 2010

Taya, Jenny and Andrew

Andrew and Jenny in (extra)bitter shirts standing in front of ( bitter)sweet, (semi)sweet & ( extra)bitter T-shirt shelves

More Halloween fun with Hali, Jenny and Andrew the Scot
Jenny ribboning a gift with me, taken by an appreciative customer

Dick Berendt visiting the store  taken by Ricki Pollycove 

Annual "Food from the Heart" poster  and event,  held Valentine's  weekend at the Ferry Building. I have this framed poster hanging at home to remind me of many sweet Valentine's
Days spent here.


  1. So heartbreaking!!! I don't think I will ever find coworkers like you guys ever again. You all truly were my second family and I so appreciate you! Remember when a customer thought we were "mother/daughter" ha!! :-) As Andrew would say... "It's the end of an era"

    XOXO! Thanks for this beautiful post Taya.

  2. PS- I love these pictures :-)

  3. Oh Taya, what a shock! I am so sorry for the loss on so many levels. Lovely photos & post.

  4. This made me tear up! I have so many great memories working at SB. I'll never forget it!

  5. Thanks Taya!!! This is a lovely article. Things are really hitting me right now, it will take a long time to get over this. Not often in a lifetime, if ever, does one connect with such a fine, effective, and truly wonderful group of co-workers.

  6. Awee. Definitely miss you all and sbcm. Many memories of the scharffen ladies, and man back in the day. Goes to show the excellence of both Taya and Andrew that multiple "rounds" of co-workers feel the same way about the two of you. Best wishes to you all.

  7. I will miss visiting you all at the store. It was always a treat on so many levels. We all need to stay in touch!

  8. I feel truly blessed to have been part of such a great group of people. Love you all and hope the best for whatever lays ahead.