Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pucci dresses are the subject of one of my favorite blogs, Eat, Drink and Garden by Valerie Rice. In her April 11th post, Val discusses her friend Justine's obsession with Emilio Pucci's vintage creations, Pucci Inspired Flowers.  According to Val, Justine puts her friends to shame by wearing her designer dresses when picking up her kids from school and at other equally informal occasions. This reminded me of my dear sister-in-law Ricki, who also has a penchant for Pucci. She is pictured above in her Pucci attire, walking on Baker Beach with BJ and her dogs Ella and Petunia (out of view). Her daughter Leah, visiting from New York with her beau BJ, took this stunning photo with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Ricki originally bought the dress for a trip to Rome, but here she is in her finery, strolling on the beach with her pooches.

Pucci designs are out of my price range at this point, but in the psychedelic sixties I owned some purple and white undergarments, a towel set designed by the master, and some bright paisley Pucci-inspired bloomers, pictured below. Of course, at this point, all my Pucci's are vintage!

Thanks, Valerie, for your reminder of all things Pucci; and to Ricki for her inspiration, and to my mother, Isabelle, who lovingly snapped the picture of me in her garden in the summer of 1967.

Here I am in my Pucci-inspired pants in the Summer of Love


  1. A beautifal tribute and reminiscence, and your picture from the garden in 1967 is priceless.

  2. Sisters to the skin! I went right to my dresser and pulled out the slip -- still in perfect shape -- from that set of purple underwear. We must have each gotten them. I also have a Pucci towel in psychedlic colors from my first apartment in New York. It's frayed and threadbare, but a keepsake of a bygone time. I still love it!

  3. Beautiful post! I adore this picture of you from 1967!!!