Saturday, March 16, 2013

What did we like best about Australia?-----The Australians!

A Tasmanian sheep in need of a bit of a shearing

This atractive ewe is glad to be outside of the Ross Female Factory, an old Tasmanin women's prison now in ruins

Wine tasting at Train Trak Winery in the Yarra Valley

Tasmanian Devil waiting for lunch at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

Koala Bear in Taronga Zoo

Tree Kangaroo, another marsupial in the Taronga Zoo
Schoolgirls in the Yarra Valley, Victoria

Anthony, our wonderful Chill Out Winery Tour guide at Domaine Chandon, Yarra Valley

Kate, smart and charming owner of Kate's Berry Farm in Tasmania

Red Billed Black Swan at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne

Pellegrinis, a classic old espresso bar in Melbourne

A friendly bartender at Beer Deluxe in Federation Square, Melbourne 


  1. You're back! YAY! Hope you had a wonderful time. The pix look fantastic.

  2. Love the Pellegrinis photo!!! But where's the bloody Foster's mate?