Monday, December 3, 2012

Buddha's Hand

Buddha statue with buddha's hand         
                            "True freedom comes when we follow our Buddha nature,
                                     the natural goodness of our heart."

Jack Kornfield. Buddha's Little Instruction Book. Bantam Books,1994.
The above quote comes from this small handbook of instructions and
words of wisdom by the well-known American Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield. He has managed to distill and adapt ancient teachings to the needs of contemporary life, as he has done in so many previous books and classes.

For information on the amazing citrus fruit, buddha's hand, photographed by Ricki Pollycove, check the always useful source Wikipedia Description of buddha's hand


  1. I have gone to meditation evenings with Jack Kornfield out at Spirit Rock. He is an amazing instructor! Do you have any information on the Buddha statue next to Buddhas Hand? I love it!!!

  2. Om, my little chickadee!

  3. I don't thnk it's very edible. Just good for scenting a room or religious offering. You can also zest the peel.

  4. Not that it matters, but the statue stand is upside down.

  5. I never heard of nor saw a buddha's hand before. Maybe they are a west coast thing. Becuase this engendered so much curiosity, perhaps you should a post on this fruit and educate us.